Would you like to be more visible in the media? Do your homework: understand the news industry, build trust with reporters and leverage the power of smart media coverage for leadership and success.

  1. THINK LIKE A REPORTERSee the world through a reporter’s lenses. Use that perspective to your own advantage.
  2. HANDLE ANY MEDIA INTERACTION Learn how to prepare for interviews, handle any interaction and deliver your message under any circumstances.
  3. NAVIGATE CRISIS You’re never too big to fall. Learn how to turn a media crisis into your benefit.
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About Cristina Muntean

Who am I? I am the sum of all my life experiences. I am layer after layer of identities that draw from one another.

I am a proud Romanian, the country girl with a funny Transylvanian accent.

I am the ambitious teenager who decided to show everyone that she’s good enough. I am the young woman who left everything behind to become a journalist, then left everything behind to follow her heart to Prague.

I am the writer who believed that you can make a career in journalism even in a foreign language. I am the branch that didn’t break when the newsroom door closed down.

I am the hope-fueled dreamer who borrowed money from her tae-bo trainer to launch her own business.

I am the sum of all the people, ideas, voices and needs that I met since I decided to become an entrepreneur. I am the quick mind, the planner, the doer, the resource seeker, the compassionate listener. I get things done.

By putting this entire bundle of identities, soft nuances, knowledge and experience to the service of others I fulfill my life mission. I transform companies by transforming people’s awareness, understanding of self and others, and communication styles. I am here because I believe we can create lives and companies where we can thrive more and suffer less. How? Through better, more conscious, sustainable personal and corporate communications.

Cristina Muntean

They said about the book:

"If you haven’t yet read a book on PR (or you haven’t read it till the end because you didn't like it) this is a book you must read. It will take you straight into a journalist’s brain. You will understand how the media work and how to set up your communication strategy in such a way that it will bring you effective results. You will also learn how to create a quality media release – and get it for example into Forbes. And if things go south you will also know how to get out of a crisis like a winner. All this in a highly readable format, full of funny anecdotes and background stories.”
— Ing. Pavel Šmejkal, Marketing manager & partner,

"Cristina’s book helped me to sort through the puzzle of my unclear ideas and to bring them together into one plain, logical structure. It also opened a few powerful questions that I had to answer in order to move forward. Thanks to this book I understood that this is the only way: should I look for answers, I won’t find them outside but only within myself. I only need to give myself a little time to find them."
— Lenka Mrázová, Mentor, founder of LMentio