I, the Brand: Personal Branding for Thought Leadership, Career and Business Growth

Would you like to be in control of your career, business and life? Become a personal brand: develop a deep understanding of who you are and what makes you unique, learn to communicate consciously, then dare to share what’s best in you in a way that serves others, consistently in time and with long-lasting benefits.

  1. PERSONALITY Your personal brand is authentic only when it is grounded in the deepest, most unique features of your personality.
  2. PROFICIENCY You are building your personal brand with each human interaction. Communicate consciously so people can remember you positively long term.
  3. PERSISTENCE You will be successful when you are consistent in time. You are consistent when you follow a clear process that turns your branding efforts into a joyful adventure of self-discovery and personal, career and business growth.
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About Cristina Muntean

Who am I? I am the sum of all my life experiences. I am layer after layer of identities that draw from one another.

I am a proud Romanian, the country girl with a funny Transylvanian accent.

I am the ambitious teenager who decided to show everyone that she’s good enough. I am the young woman who left everything behind to become a journalist, then left everything behind to follow her heart to Prague.

I am the writer who believed that you can make a career in journalism even in a foreign language. I am the branch that didn’t break when the newsroom door closed down.

I am the hope-fueled dreamer who borrowed money from her tae-bo trainer to launch her own business.

I am the sum of all the people, ideas, voices and needs that I met since I decided to become an entrepreneur. I am the quick mind, the planner, the doer, the resource seeker, the compassionate listener. I get things done.

By putting this entire bundle of identities, soft nuances, knowledge and experience to the service of others I fulfill my life mission. I transform companies by transforming people’s awareness, understanding of self and others, and communication styles. I am here because I believe we can create lives and companies where we can thrive more and suffer less. How? Through better, more conscious, sustainable personal and corporate communications.

Cristina Muntean

They said about the book:

"Because of the transparency and influence of the Internet and social media, Personal Branding is now needed more than ever before. The modern age requires a person to engage in more marketing activities around his/her’s own personality, character, education and experiences. Therefore I am impressed by this ebook that addresses the major challenges of our time for managers and business people who want to build a successful career in this competitive and transparent market.”
— Jan van der Hoeven, CEO, Foxconn Global Services Division (2013-2017)

“I really enjoyed this ebook. You can read it fast and very easily. It’s comprehensible and it explains things without using big words or complicated sentences that would force me to stop and think what was meant by the author. I also felt that, even though it’s shorter than a traditional print book, it’s quite detailed and mainly expert. I also believe the ebook is relevant both for beginners, who hear about personal branding for the first time, and for professionals, for whom it represents a useful summary and practical how-to information update. What is more important - the ebook opened my appetite to attend Cristina’s courses and work more at my own personal brand. If this was the purpose of the ebook, it was well accomplished.”
—Sandra Feltham, Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Partner, Flagship CSR Consultancy

"I rise early and over the last few mornings I had the pleasure to sit down before sunrise with my coffee and PC to read this ebook without noise or disturbance. As the sun came up one morning over the Welsh mountains and lit up my office, a light also came on to me. I, along with other people in business often make compromises in order to get a job, any job that pays the bills … but at the detriment of what? Our personal values. … Reading this ebook has given me the kick that I needed. Beyond that, the ebook is an easy and interesting read with references to resourceful info including videos and literature. It is not too long, it isn’t too short, the message is clear and compact – well done! I really enjoyed it and I truly believe others will be inspired by it."
— Patrick Blunsdon, Business & Operations Executive | Factory & Regional Levels | Execution & Strategy | Business Development Technology Consultant

“I love the structure - the red line connecting the whole ebook and the idea of the pieces of the puzzle that make a personal brand. The syntheses at the end of each chapter and the actionable tips were also very useful. I also like how the author insists that we need to be self-aware and aligned with ourselves in order to be successful in personal branding. The ebook also drew my attention on a few aspects that I didn’t consider important before such as body language, voice management, Google research of one own’s name etc. In short, the ebook is a very useful, pragmatic synthesis, an ideal format for busy business people.”
— Dorian Lupu, Entrepreneur, Founder and Partner, Hexagonal Consulting

“I reached page 18 when I realized how excited I was about the depth where this ebook was taking me. This is something I really didn’t expect from an ebook. When I reached the end I realized that I had in front of me one of the most complex sources of information on personal branding that I've ever seen. This ebook is first class, take my word for that.”
— JUDr. Jindřiška Šulcová, Trademark Patent Expert, Entrepreneur and Trainer

"I think this ebook is absolutely great. Very well researched, it alternates content with personal stories, makes useful summaries at the end of each chapter (I loved the 'coaching questions') and adds summaries (like the Karpman's Drama Triangle) on a very visual and clear way, so it's very simple to read and understand. I also liked the friendly tone and the author’s vulnerability through many comments, which conveys trust and confidence. This ebook really positions Cristina as an expert in the field.”
— Eduard Lopez, Senior Account Manager, Foxconn Global Services Division

“I have great joy from this ebook. It’s very well written and easy to read. As a whole, it leaves an excellent impression – it explains clearly what personal branding is and what it is not, what purpose it serves and why someone should care about it. It also offers a wide array of tools – from work with one’s own personality to our external presentation. The chapter on the protection of one’s brand is very useful – I wouldn’t have thought about it if it wasn’t there. Overall - very good work. In a few hours I had already three pages full of tasks, which often took me back to the ebook. Maybe what I would really appreciate would be a complementary workbook, for I feel it would help me greatly when dealing with the specific questions and exercises in the ebook.”
Markéta Gsöllhoferová, CRM Manager and Text Editor, LMC

“My overall feeling is that I wouldn’t regret the money I paid for it had I bought this ebook. You can read it very fast and it gives you a feeling that you can easily know what it means to have your name as a brand. I also noticed a wealth of interesting questions that go deeply under the surface and which made me feel the need to return to the ebook after reading it and honestly answer all the questions and go through the whole process once again. The first part of the ebook is also very personal, which got my heart as a reader through personal stories and the author’s sense of humor. Yet the ebook remains firmly grounded in the business environment - the personal story only holds the background of the author’s professional growth and excellence in the field. I have the impression that I have in front of me a well-rounded book on branding that was written by someone who has both practical and coaching expertise and knows how to take people to the next level. That’s why I consider the insights and advice in it as very practical and savvy. I personally got a few ideas about what I could do in my current job to enhance my own brand – and I haven’t even started to answer all the questions systematically and in depth. This ebook leaves the impression that it was written as a practical guide, yet it leaves the door open for people to think about themselves, do work on their own and eventually know where to reach out when they get stuck. Good work!”
Vítězslav Čadra, State Representative, Customs Administration of the Czech Republic