Get used to it: the Digital Age is here to stay. The only question is: how can you turn this double-edged sword into a strategic ally for your communications, business growth and personal development?

  1. THINK STRATEGICALLY Learn how to match your digital communications with who you are and what you want.
  2. HANDLE CRISIS You’re never too small to fall. Learn how to handle crisis communication in the digital arena.
  3. TELL A STORYDigital footprints remain. Make sure you can be proud of your story under any circumstances.

About Cristina Muntean

Who am I? I am the sum of all my life experiences. I am layer after layer of identities that draw from one another.

I am a proud Romanian, the country girl with a funny Transylvanian accent.

I am the ambitious teenager who decided to show everyone that she’s good enough. I am the young woman who left everything behind to become a journalist, then left everything behind to follow her heart to Prague.

I am the writer who believed that you can make a career in journalism even in a foreign language. I am the branch that didn’t break when the newsroom door closed down.

I am the hope-fueled dreamer who borrowed money from her tae-bo trainer to launch her own business.

I am the sum of all the people, ideas, voices and needs that I met since I decided to become an entrepreneur. I am the quick mind, the planner, the doer, the resource seeker, the compassionate listener. I get things done.

By putting this entire bundle of identities, soft nuances, knowledge and experience to the service of others I fulfill my life mission. I transform companies by transforming people’s awareness, understanding of self and others, and communication styles. I am here because I believe we can create lives and companies where we can thrive more and suffer less. How? Through better, more conscious, sustainable personal and corporate communications.

Cristina Muntean